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Whether it’s to get your day off to a good start, or to pick it up if it’s fallen flat, the inspiring quotes you’ll find in this section of will do wonders for your heart and soul.

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Did you know that the origin of the word INSPIRE (spirare—it’s Latin) means to breathe?

So “inspire” literally means to breathe in fresh air, or something more abstract, but just as important—refreshing thoughts and feelings. And spirit.

How does an inspiring quote help you?

Have you ever heard that what you focus on, expands? Or to put it another way: What you think about you bring about.

We all tell ourselves stories about what’s going on in our life. Why not change from a disempowering story to an empowering one? A story that supports you in your quest for a happy, fulfilling life.

Especially right now, when the media is busy pumping out doom and gloom, give yourself a break from it, and get some inspiration here to help you take on a positive point of view.

Your life will thank you for it!

Inspirational Quotes

Magnolia blossoms

Just like tiny buds on the trees in spring that blossom into something beautiful, the inspirational life quotes you'll find in this section will awaken your heart from even the longest winter of discontent. (I live in central Canada, so believe me, I know all about long winters!)

According to American actress Gwyneth Paltrow,"The way to enrich your heart isn’t just by sitting around."

So why not get started right now, and click here to find your Best Inspirational Life Quote!

And here's a quote I really love from Canadian inspirational author and seminar leader, Jay D. Allen: "Who we are is what we do on a daily basis."

It reminds me to make more effort to do my best every day.

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Inspirational Quotes on Happiness has 91 famous inspirational sayings chosen to help increase your happiness.

Here's an example, from American personal development/success teacher and author, Alan Cohen: "Cultivate the ability to say, 'Thank you for everything,' and you will find that everything is a gift.

Not so easy to do at first, perhaps, but it's really true...

If your days are dark right now, take heart from this quote by American author Truman Capote: "No one’s personal chaos can be permanent." It's part of the many longer quotes you'll find in the Inspirational Sayings section.

If poetry is your thing, you'll love the Inspirational Poems with titles like Dare, Dignity and Light.

And click here for Stirring Inspirational Stories with titles like Wholly Wealthy, No Bull and Obstacles in Your Path. They'll help you see things differently!

If you enjoy having your heart moved in a positive direction, Touching Inspiring Stories is the page for you! Find stories with titles like Whatever It Takes, The Gift and Take A Moment.

Change your attitude and you change everything!

And you can quote me on that!

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