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If you're looking for the Web's best famous motivational quotations... you're in the right place! Welcome!

I’m really psyched about this section of famous motivating quotes. And I hope they motivate you to take positive action as much as they are motivating me!

And you know when you feel motivated, right?

It’s that juicy feeling of really wanting to do something to move your life forward. Of enjoying the challenge!

But when you lack motivation, that’s not such a good feeling, is it?

You feel discouraged, distracted, deterred—and likely at least a little depressed. (I’ve been there, many times.)

But now you have a place to come to, to awaken, excite and stir your motivation.

Here's a motivational video I made to remind you that you've got what it takes!

Famous Motivational Quotations

Welcome to the section of dedicated to getting you moving… in the right direction!

You’ll find really powerful famous motivational quotes here. (Just putting this section together has had a positive effect on my life.)

To start with, you’ve got Motivational Life Quotes. Want an example?

How about this, from American self-taught photographic artist, Duane Michals: “If we use observable fact to dictate what the possibilities of life are, then we are stuck with those that believe the Earth was flat.”

You’ve gotta admit, he has a very good point!

Then you’ve got Motivational Quotes for Work.

Julian Gregory, an Irish NLP practitioner and marketing consultant, advises: “Make your goals achievable in a reasonable timeframe, so start off with ‘baby steps.’ ”

That’s what I call “setting yourself up for success.”

(Actually, these two pages are interchangeable: You can apply the quotes you’ll find on them to both your life and your work.) Bonus! ;-)

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Now, have you ever had a great idea or vision that someone shot down in flames?

Do I have a page for you!

Funny Motivational Quotes will make you smile, and help you see that even so-called experts can make BIG mistakes when they express their opinion.

Because that's all it is, an opinion.

So stick to your vision, and stay true to yourself as you keep going and growing!


Everyone feels fear sometimes.

As U.S. writer Kurt Vonnegut put it, "Everybody's shaking in his boots, so don't be bluffed."

But if you don't challenge fear, you can't live a fulfilling life...

Motivational Quotations about Fear has a treasure trove of 54 famous motivational quotations to help you beat the fear—and reveal it for the smoke and mirrors it really is.

After all, life is for living!

And you can quote me on that!

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