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Thank you for your interest in my book, As You THINK So You Are.

You'll be glad you came to this page, especially if any of these desires sound familiar to you:

You'd like to... be more successful, live a happier life, achieve your goals, get out of mediocrity, change a habit that holds you back, understand why things don’t go really well for you, unlock your potential, and really live!

I can certainly relate—big time!

You see, for many years I suffered from crippling depression, poverty, an eating disorder that saw me gain 45lbs, and dependence on alcohol and drugs. And I had a nervous breakdown. (Not fun.) I was convinced I had no power, no way, to turn my life around.

But I did.

If you'd like to know how I changed my life, you'll be very happy to learn that my original book about thinking has been improved... and renamed!

Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life E-book by Alexandra Innes

People who read As You THINK So You Are called it life-changing and priceless...

And now, with its rebirth as Change Your Mind Change Your Life, it's even better than before!

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With the right kind of thinking—or attitude—you can make everything you go through serve your growth and happiness...

Find out how now!

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