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Alexandra Innes in 2010

Who is Alexandra Innes?

Well, I was born in London, England, in December 1952. I immigrated to Canada by myself, at age 21. My Canadian life has been divided between Montreal and Toronto, where I live currently.

I’ve worked at many different occupations, including DJ, model and actor, but I’ve always been a compulsive reader and writer.

In 2004, I went back to school full-time. I worked like crazy and graduated with honours in Print Journalism.

As a freelance writer, I’ve had features, profiles and advertorials published in several Canadian newspapers and magazines, as well as in the U.K., New Zealand, Japan and online.

Front cover of Alexandra's book, follicles!

In 2008, I co-wrote an entertaining book of 50 short stories called follicles! It's available as a downloadable e-book, as well as a regular soft-cover book, and makes a great gift—even if I do say so myself!

And I'm really pumped about my inspiring new book, As You THINK So You Are. It's powerful! (You can click on GREAT EBOOK OFFER at the top of the Navigation Bar on the left of this page to find out more about it.)

Getting personal

Those are some of the “historical” facts about Alexandra Innes. Now here are some more interesting facts. (At least, I think so!)

I’ve practised Nichiren Buddhism since 1983. That’s every day since 1983! My Buddhist practice is based on chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. It empowers me to transform my negative energy into positive. I've turned my life around in many ways...

I also invest time and money in personal development camps, seminars and workshops.

I’ve always been nuts about quotes. I've been collecting them for years.

I love travel. I love animals and live with two cats. I am a vegan.

I don’t believe in getting old. I do believe in happiness. I also believe we’re all here at Earth School together.

I am heartily glad to be living at a time in human history when women are awakening from the illusion of being “less than.”

My personal mission is to inspire and encourage people to live in joy, which I adore doing. That’s why I started YummyQuotes.com.

YummyQuote.com’s Mission Statement:
Raising The Consciousness Of The Planet
One Deliciously Inspiring Quote At A Time!

Alexandra Innes Recommends...

Now you know a bit more about me, here are some links I recommend:

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www.xofelish.com This is the site of Felicia Shulman, one of my dearest friends. Throughout her life, Felicia has been fascinated with dance, rhythm and fitness, and how they empower the body, mind, spirit and emotions. She constantly updates her skills to help people transform their lives through fitness and movement.

“It isn't just about tighter buns and six-pack abs,” Felish says. “More and more research is confirming that ‘active, joyful living’ not only prolongs our lives, but improves the quality of our lives. My dream as a facilitator of movement is to awaken people to the gloriousness of their infinite potential. My mission is to guide them through functional movement to soar to new heights.”

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