Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity!

Here’s my affirmation list for you of 40 affirmations for abundance and prosperity… And good health and happiness!

Pick an affirmation that resonates with you and repeat it often. Or you can string a couple of them together.

Remember, repeat often to reprogram your thought patterns. This is one of the ways you can "Change Your Mind Change Your Life"!

I am focused on what I want.

I am creating a good future for myself.

I am moving forward in a very loving way.

I am growing, and so are my powers.

I can turn negative into positive.

I am willing to see how strong I can become.

I am bringing myself into alignment with my vision of my higher self.

Success is my natural state.

I succeed because I make up my mind to do so.

I am programmed for EXCELLENCE.

I always do my best.

I just do it.

I give myself permission to be who I really am—strong, wise and beautiful.

I am here to serve the greater good.

I am a person of high self-esteem.

I appreciate everything about myself!

I enjoy everything!

I am here for a great purpose.

I am blessed in every way.

If this little girl can do it, so can you!

I am good at asking for help.

I enjoy helping people.

I love money and I treat it with respect.

I use my money well.

Money is my friend and I choose to receive it in abundance.

Only good can come into my life. Thank you for my wealth.

I am divinely inspired.

I have a genius mind.

I use my mind well.

Everything serves me.

I am loving, caring, sharing and wise.

I am connecting deeply with the people I love.

HAPPINESS is in me and around me!

Life loves me and supports me.

I am 100% devoted to my life.


I am always attracting good people into my life.

I am OPEN to all the good possibilities of life!

I am always attracted to making responsible choices!

I enjoy eating food that nourishes and supports my body and mind.

All is WELL in my world.

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